camera inspections of drain lines
Drain and sewer inspection & video looking for obstructions before rooter Edmonton Alberta

Emergency Furnace Repairs

It never fails until you need it. Most furnace repairs are required when they are least convenient and temperatures are less than pleasant. Our service staff are able to perform routine maintenance as well as repairs when things stop working. A furnace not working properly can also be hazardous to you by creating deadly carbon monoxide gas.

Hot Water Tanks

Show us your best price on a new hot water tank and we'll beat it by $50.00

Edmonton Emergency Plumbing is pleased to offer hot water tank service to you. In many cases, you do not have to replace the entire hot water tank. Some components inside the tank wear out well before the lifespan of the hot water tank has been reached. We can replace those for a much lower cost than replacing the entire tank.

Backwater Valves

Changes to the plumbing code mean modern homes in Edmonton and area require the installation of an inline backwater valve to prevent damage from sewer backups. In the case where you have an older home that does not have sewer protection, we can install a new backwater valve for you.

Typically, we would need to excavate an area in your basement to accommodate the new backwater valve. Prices vary based on individual requirements for installation. Please contact us for an estimate.

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